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relatório da FAO The state of the food and agriculture 2016 diz:

Dietary patterns strongly inf luence some of the factors that are driving climate change. In countries where food consumption is
increasing, diets generally include more livestock products, vegetable oils and sugar. This trend is expected to continue as a result
of growth in incomes. A number of studies have looked at the environmental consequences of consumption of animalsource
food, usually focusing on GHG emissions and land use (INRA and CIRAD, 2009; Erb et al., 2009; Tilman and Clark, 2014;
Tukker et al., 2011; Van Dooren et al., 2014). Using life cycle assessments, they generally conclude that alternative diet scenarios with
less animal-source food could contribute to reducing global GHG emissions, and have positive impacts on human health.

There is increasing evidence that dietary patterns with low environmental impacts are also healthier. Common features of such
diets are the diversity of foods eaten, a balance between energy intake and energy expenditure; the inclusion of minimally
processed tubers and whole grains along with legumes, fruit and vegetables, and meat, if eaten, in moderate quantities. Healthy
diets also feature dairy products in moderation, unsalted seeds and nuts, small quantities of fish and aquatic products, and
very limited intake of processed foods that are high in fat, sugar or salt and low in micronutrients (FAO and FCRN, 2016).


Further examination of demographic and social differences, including fast-growing food consumption in developing countries, is needed to inform strategies for promoting optimal diets with improved health outcomes and reduced levels of nitrate pollution and
greenhouse gas emissions. Multidimensional life cycle assessments at regional and global levels are needed to estimate the adaptation and mitigation effects of different dietar y transitions, including the possible trade-offs.



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